Market Signals -Machine Bot AI Prototype II

ThinkorSwim TDAmeritrade Multi Strategy Trading and Portfolio Management System

A software product of Infrastructure Technology Consulting (ITC) Labs
Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit!

Market Signals Main Bot Live Daily Broadcast on Twitch TV-Usually 9am-5pm PT on Stock Market Days!

Market Daily Live Portfolios Realized Gain(P+) or Unrealized Loss-(L-) (4am-5pm PT )

Basic Strategies

1) Trades/Alerts based on 5/20/50/200 days Moving Average Golden and Death Cross on s&p500, s&p600, russell midcap, nasdaq and dow equites- day & swing trading 8) Automated Options alerts/trades, as hedges
2) Trading only equities with spread of 0.04 between bid and ask (overwite by control panel) 9) Daily Stock Analyst Upgrade list catalyst alerts
3) Buy the dip alerts are toplosses and tl1mx13 10) Continuous trading 4am-5pm PT
4) Gap Ups alerts are GapUp and premktgu 11) Trading limits via control panel: funds avaiable for buy, avgdown/up, short and etf
5) Scalping day trading are done by Profit monitor bot where it closes or just trims positions 12) sp500 and other indexes over 200 days MVA as larger momentum catalyst
6) Exclude list control panel is for longer hodls (swing trading) and bypass scalping monitor bot 13) Earning Reports catalyst moves pre and post markets
7) Bot does not sell losses,rather hodls & average down or up on existing hodlers continusouly 14) Many other strats, top25 stocktwits, index/value and growth etf trading alerts/auto boost trading scripts& dividend, etc.


1) 2019-2020 ThinkorSwim backend setup: Chart Studies/Indicators/Strategies/thinkscript/alerts automation-
2021 Prototype I: Market Signals stocks alert subscription based/shopping cart development

2) Fall 2021 -Change direction of product/services developlment. Removed user and moving average stock alert based subscription based api integration with mailchimp and store

3) Dec 2021-Decomissioned old mailserver and new mail sever deployed integrated

4) Prototype II -Robotic trading- Dec 2021

a) ThinkorSwim (ToS) Trading Platform Moving Average Crossover Scanners Strategy-Last 100 Live Alerts
b) tdAmeritrade API call - historical price data for the past twenty years for AAPL
c) tdAmeritrade API td-api -automatic order placement to buy a symbol- successful test

5) ToS, ELK , Python BOT prototype able to run approx around 1000-4000 orders per day- Jan 2022

6) 2022 development status update/todo/bot features -update Dec 2022

7) Prototype III-backend ToS study scanner alert new strategies, ie. vwap crossover/bot integration optimization, tagging, grouping, options integration, web ,infrastructure virtualization kubernete/openshift architecture - Robotic self healing practices/Machine & Deep learning/Elasticsearch Alert AI Data Analysis & ChatGPT Python integration- 2023-2024!

8) Market Signals BOT system log -

9) Market Signals BOT Control Panel -Aug 2022

10) Prototype II diagram/features summary- Nov 2022

11) Market Signals Live Main Bot Broadcast on Twitch TV-Usually 9am-5pm PT on Stock Market Days!-Jan 2023

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