Market Signals II

ThinkorSwim TDAmeritrade Multi Strategy Trading and Portfolio Management System-Market Trend Adoption and Automatic Self Healing Recovery Intelligence Platform

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1) Prototype I -2021 - Market Signals stocks alert subscription based/shopping cart development

2) Fall 2021 -Change direction of product/services developlment. Removed user and moving average stock alert based subscription based api integration with mailchimp and store

3) Dec 2021-Decomissioned old mailserver and new mail sever deployed integrated

4) Prototype II -Robotic trading- Dec 2021

a) ThinkorSwim (ToS) Trading Platform Moving Average Crossover Scanners Strategy-Last 100 Live Alerts
b) tdAmeritrade API call - historical price data for the past twenty years for AAPL
c) tdAmeritrade API td-api -automatic order placement to buy a symbol- successful test

5) ToS, ELK , Python BOT prototype able to run approx around 1000-4000 orders per day- Jan 2022

6) 2022 development status update/todo/bot features -update Dec 2022

7) Prototype III-backend ToS study scanners strategies and bot integration and tuning in progress, tagging, grouping, index, etf, options integration and optimization, web ,infrastructure architecture - advanced Robotic automation/self healing practices/Machine learning- 2022-2024!

8) Market Signals BOT system log -

9) Market Signals BOT Control Panel -Aug 2022

10) Prototype II diagram/features summary- Nov 2022

11) Market Signals Live Engine/Bot Broadcast on Twitch TV-Usually 9am-5pm PT on Stock Market Days!-Jan 2023

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Market Signals