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Basic Strategies

1) Trades/Alerts based on 5/20/50/200 days Moving Average Golden and Death Cross on s&p500, s&p600, russell midcap, nasdaq and dow equites- day & swing trading 8) Automated sp500/indexes Options trades buy/sell call/puts, leverage hedging option
2) Trading equity filter by spread (overwite by control panel) 9) Daily stock Upgrade list configuration/auto trading/exclude from p/l monitor bot
3) Buy the dip alerts are toplosses and tl1mx13 10) Continuous trading 4am-5pm PT
4) Gap Ups alerts are GapUp and premktgu 11) Trading limits via control panel: funds avaiable for buy, avgdown/up, short and etf
5) Scalping day trading are done by P/L monitor bot where it closes or just trims positions 12) sp500 and other indexes over 200 days MVA as larger momentum catalyst
6) Exclude list control panel is for longer hodls (swing trading) and bypass scalping monitor bot 13) Earning Reports catalyst moves pre and post markets
7) Bot does not sell losses on bad trades,it can average down/up. Bot also can do oco/trail/limit stop orders 14) Many other strats, top25 stocktwits, index/value and growth etf trading alerts/auto boost trading scripts& dividend, etc.