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Our goal is to create best possible robots for stock market trading, investment and portfolio managment system. Only way to do this is by constant research and development that we do and learn and design and add features into the system. Our work is always prototype and lab based on results and best possible way to achieve with all resource available!

Robotic trading , is similar to hands free driving, with freedom to also use the information robot provides to also perform manual hands on trading when desired!

Prototype III/IV most likely will allow Market Signal to be publicly available for any TDAmeritrade Thinkorswim customer, we'll see!

Therefore we are going to just stay within a safe zone for the robots to operate . AI will be the core of the robot execution. AI that can do more detection and easy adjustments to market conditions. More data , more analytic, more processing and filtering and more AI deep machine learning in prototype IV.

Prototype II mission:
1- We have gathered all latest best strategies/indicators in day/swing trading to make sure we are jiving with the latest consensus best practice among day/swing traders and investors to make sure we are on a solid foundation!
2- Continuous update to our robot detection of market moves/alerts/routine conditions/adjust auto trading bot orders. For example: Automation of difficult trades such as gap up day trading!
3- portfolio change detection/auto avg down trade/rebalance/profit loss bot operation and subprocesses
4- Control panel and Dashboard showing bot operation/portfolio information and allow setting dynamic bot configuration data

I created this as a tool originally for myself ,but with all the potential , it will soon be available commercially!

Market Signals essentially replaces all my trading/portfolio mnanagement work . I have replaced myself as a day/swing trader/investors! Prototype II is about done and prototype III will dive into commerical usage realm.